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"Your arrangements are wonderful and your music is inspiring. Thank you." – Sarah

"Thank you very much for the music! Great arrangement! Congratulations! Especially the Mozart-Bits in Violin I are very funny!"  - Thorsten Koepke (Smooth Criminal, Michael Jackson)

"It looks wonderful. I can’t wait to use it!" – James Miille (Somebody I used to know, Gotye)

"Thank you so much for your prompt service. I will consider some of your other pieces for gigs in the future." – April Berkowski. 

“I recently purchased a large quantity of your arrangements – they are very good! My group is looking to commission a composer to arrange several tracks for us and I was wondering if you would be interested in the work." – Oliver Sapsford

"I LOVE it! You are so talented. Thanks for creating it! I bought it right away. You are amazing!" - Jen Ball

Short Biography

An unusual mix of Vojvodina (Serbia) and Boka Bay (Montenegro)…because I was born in Kotor (Boka Bay) and now I am living in Novi Sad (Vojvodina)..and, just like that, my music is: unusual, different and very tempting!

I am writing music arrangements for all kind of ensembles, mostly for string quartet and my former Tango band "Danza Orchestra" (flute, violin, accordion, piano and contrabass). 

As a violinist, I am part of a rock band with whom I toured this year through our country.