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In this testimonial, Fred Lieder, cellist from Washington, has a few words to say about his collaboration with the founder of Happy Sheet Music and music arranger, Bojana Jovanovic. We already wrote about Fred Lieder’s quartet String Along on our Blog, and now you can read his words and thoughts about our music.

Fred Lieder - Cellist

Fred Lieder cellist photo

I am a cellist and booking agent for two very large talent agencies in the Washington DC area.There are days I might have eight gigs out on the same day and as such I have a huge demand for pop/rock string quartet arrangements. I discovered Bojana and Happy Sheet Music quite by accident when searching for rock string quartet arrangers on-line in the summer of 2016. I have since purchased about 40 of her arrangements. Each one of them is absolutely perfect. Not only do I love them, but I play with some very accomplished musicians in the DC area that feel the exact same way.
Bojana has also been a life saver for me. There are times when I needed an arrangement that she didn’t already have on her web-site and she was able to come up with a perfect arrangement sometimes just a day after my request.

Most importantly, in this surreal, crazy political environment that we all face now of building walls through hatred and misunderstanding that music, more than ever, can be a healing, positive force, the universal language.Even though I live almost 5,000 miles away, Bojana has, through her music and arrangements, made the world a much smaller and better place for me to live.

My wish for all who read this short testimonial is much peace and happiness, and Thank You, Bojana for using your tremendous musical gifts to benefit us all.

Fred Lieder, Cellist
Manager, String Along Strings
Washington DC

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