“Bojana Jovanovic presents” is a new category where I will show you my own work. Compositions of different genres: Tango, Electro songs, compositions for solo Violin and Loop pedal.

I was born in April, 1985, Kotor, Montenegro, in sign of Aries. I studied violin at Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia, in class of prof. Irina Jashvili. During my studies, I participated various courses for violin and chamber music in baroque and contemporary music. I took part in jazz workshop (Jazz Festival 2007, Novi Sad) and I was a member of many chamber ensembles and orchestras with whom I played different kinds of music (from classical music through traditional Balkan, Klezmer and Samba).

I am the founder of the Happy Sheet Music company and I write music arrangements for the last 9 years.

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BlueNight Tango (Bojana Jovanovic) - Sheet Music

BlueNight Tango (Bojana Jovanovic)

Le Tango des Reves (Bojana Jovanovic) - Sheet Music

Le Tango des Reves (Bojana Jovanovic)

OnteTango (Bojana Jovanovic) - Sheet Music

OnteTango (Bojana Jovanovic)

Rising Love Sheet music (Bojana Jovanovic)

Rising Love (Bojana Jovanovic)