Closer Sheet music presents you a song from this movie soundtrack written as arrangement for String quartet on our website: The Blower’s Daughter. All songs have midi recording so you can hear sound sample of arrangement.

Closer is a 2004 American melodrama film written by Patrick Marber, based on his award-winning 1997 play of the same name. The movie was produced and directed by Mike Nichols and stars Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman and Clive Owen. The film, like the play on which it is based, has been seen by some as a modern and tragic version of Mozart’s opera Così fan tutte, with references to the opera in both the plot and the soundtrack. The film was recognized with a number of awards and nominations, including Oscar nominations and Golden Globe wins for both Portman and Owen for their performances in supporting roles.

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The Blower's daughter Damien Rice Sheet music

The Blower’s Daughter (Damien Rice)