Tango Apasionado Sheet music (Astor Piazzolla)
Tango Apasionado Sheet music (Astor Piazzolla)Tango Apasionado Sheet music (Astor Piazzolla)Tango Apasionado Sheet music (Astor Piazzolla)

Tango Apasionado (Astor Piazzolla)


Tango Apasionado Sheet music is an arrangement written for Danza Orchestra (Flute, Violin, Accordion, Piano and Contrabass), and for Trio Violin, Guitar and Piano.

Astor Piazzolla’s The Rough Dancer and the Cyclical Night was recorded in New York in September 1987, with an ensemble that included Fernando Suárez Paz (violin), Pablo Ziegler (piano), Paquito D’Rivera (alto sax, clarinet) Andy González (bass) and Rodolfo Alchourrón (electric guitar). “The Rough Dancer” has more of whimsical feel, with the often perilous shifts in tempo and mood of the earlier record being handled in smoother fashion here. This is possibly due to the fact this piece was used for the musical production Tango Apasionado, which chronicles the history of the tango from its Buenos Aires roots to modern times. Piazzolla’s nuevo tango, which incorporates classical forms and jazz elements into the traditional tango, was so controversial at its advent that Piazzolla had his life threatened on numerous occasions and was even exiled from Argentina. The traditional tango, born out of the bordellos of Buenos Aires in the way that jazz began in New Orleans, had been haunted by its origins for decades. Piazzolla, with his innovative style and desire to legitimise the tango and bring it to a serious musical audience, changed the face of the music forever.

Listen to Danza Orchestra performing Tango Apasionado:

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