Wonder String Quartet photo

Wonder Strings Rocks!

Wonder String Quartet was founded in 2000 with the intention and the wish to enable its members to express different types of the musical sensitivity in addition to the classical one. Their repertoire is characterized by a variety of musical genres, and we can proudly say that HappySheetMusic’s arrangements like: “Fragile” (Sting), “Hot Stuff” (Donna Summer) and “Somebody told me” (The Killers) are often played on their performances.

Their versatile repertoire is performed by professional musicians, members of symphonic and chamber orchestras, with an experience of many years in concerts and live performances in Serbia and abroad. Over the years Wonder strings ensemble has made a number of appearances of various types in the country and the region.

Wonder Strings has released their first CD WonderRocks where you can hear great music from ex-Yu regions:



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