Bob Sinclar Sheet music presents you song of this artist written as arrangement for String quartet on our website: Love Generation.

Bob Sinclar (Christophe Le Friant) is a French record producer, house music DJ and the owner of the record label Yellow Productions. He began DJing in the 1980s under the name Chris the French Kiss. During this time he was more influenced by hip-hop and jazz music and created music projects such as The Mighty Bop and Reminiscence Quartet, this one with an ensemble of musicians. Le Friant used the alias Desmond K in the Reminiscence Quartet. Le Friant adopted the new name of Bob Sinclar in 1998. He became known for popularising the “French touch” of house music with heavy use of sampled and filtered disco strings. He describes his musical style as inspired by “peace, love, and house music”. Several of Sinclar’s songs have become international hits, being particularly popular in Europe. Some of his most popular hits include “Love Generation” (with Gary Pine) and “World, Hold On” (with Steve Edwards). In 2006, Bob Sinclar received the TMF Award Best Dance International.

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Love Generation (Bob Sinclar) - Sheet Music

Love Generation (Bob Sinclar)