Forbidden dance Sheet music presents you a song from this movie soundtrack written as arrangement for String quartet on our website: Chorando se foi (Lambada). All songs have midi recording so you can hear sound sample of arrangement.

The Forbidden Dance (also released as The Forbidden Dance is Lambada) is a 1990 drama film starring former Miss USA Laura Harring. Made to cash in on the Lambada dance craze, it opened on the same day (March 16, 1990) as its competitor movie, Lambada. The film was written, produced, and released very quickly in order to cash in on what some thought was a Lambada dance craze. The script was commissioned on December 7, 1989 by Sawmill Entertainment and producer Richard L. Albert after he had seen Kaoma perform the song “Lambada” in Los Angeles.

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Chorando se foi - Lambada (Kaoma) - Sheet Music

Lambada – Chorando se foi (Kaoma)