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Comptine d’un autre ete: l’Apres Midi (Yann Tiersen)


l’Apres Midi Sheet music is an arrangement for String quartet, or for two Violins and two Cellos. You can choose to buy score, parts or both score and parts together.

Amélie is the soundtrack to the 2001 French film Amélie, a motion picture set in Paris, France, about a young woman endeavouring to help and improve the lives of those around her.
Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet chanced upon the accordion and piano driven music of Yann Tiersen while driving with his production assistant who put on a CD he hadn’t heard before. Greatly impressed, he immediately bought Tiersen’s entire catalogue and eventually commissioned him to compose pieces for the film.Beside the accordion and piano the music features parts played with harpsichord, banjo, bass guitar, vibraphone and even a bicycle wheel at the end of “La Dispute” (which plays over the opening titles in the motion picture).

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