La milonga de Buenos Aires (Francisco Canaro) - Sheet Music
La milonga de Buenos Aires (Francisco Canaro) - Sheet MusicLa milonga de Buenos Aires (Francisco Canaro) - Sheet Music

La Milonga de Buenos Aires (Francisco Canaro)


Milonga de Buenos Aires Sheet Music is an arrangement written for Danza Orchestra (Flute, Violin, Accordion, Piano and Contrabass). You can choose to buy score, parts or both score and parts together.

La Milonga de Buenos Aires is a Tango Milonga written by Uruguayan violinist and tango orchestra leader Francisco Canaro. It is one of the most played and danced songs on Tango dance evenings. Tango Milonga, is a musical genre that originated in the Río de la Plata areas of Argentina and Uruguay. It was very popular in the 1870s. Milonga has a syncopated beat, consisting of 8 beats with accents on the 1st (sometimes also 2nd), 4th, 5th, and 7th beats.

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