String duo ZPu

..with two Strings and two Snails

String duo ZPu (eng. reversed snail)  is string duo of Violin and Violoncello from Novi Sad, Serbia. Two artists Bojana and Nina, colleagues from Academy of Arts, wanted to play something different, unusual, and after all, music is shared with same passion. As for being a founder of Happy Sheet Music, Bojana has all the freedom of using her String duo arrangements, and has plans to record all of them with String duo ZPu. As a young ensemble of only 3 months, ZPu had already one great performance at the NewYears Milonga (Tango evening) where they played Tango music arranged specially for that event. Beside tango music, songs like “Killing in the name” (RATM), “Aerials” (SOAD), “Stone” (Alice in Chains) are among their favorites.


Listen to their performance of “Killing in the name” (Rage Against The Machine)




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